Saturday, January 19, 2008

Now Is Your Chance!

We hope you become one of our members who are astonished at the number of totally FREE tools we give you to build your business. We believe there’s not much point in giving you a business if we don’t also give you the tools you’ll need to build it!

We’re just going to give you a brief overview of each tool because we really just want you to go into your Back Office and check each of them out!

● E-cards

Our Graphic Design team has created hundreds of E-cards for your use. You can send powerful Marketing cards to your friends and business associates, as well as having many created just for the Non-Profit organizations you want to help. There are also special E-cards you can send to new team members, as well as motivational ones to offer them encouragement. Want to send Birthday or sympathy cards? We’ve got them, too. Check them all out for yourself!

● E-books

These special books are our gift to the world – thousands of ideas for how to make a difference in the world! They are also a powerful way for you to build your business. You can send special E-cards to give away E-books. Every time someone clicks through to get their own book, the page will be coded to take them to your Power Mall – empowering you to build your business while you’re also making a difference! Check them all out and make sure you and your family have your own plan for making a difference using these ideas!

● Banners

You will find dozens of professionally created banners just for My Power Mall. You can code them with your own ID# and then place them on websites (your own or advertising sites), as well as put them at the end of your emails. And, yes, we provide the server that hosts them. You see – we really are serious about giving you everything you need to succeed! Check them all out for yourself!

● Invitation Cards

These beautiful postcard size cards are available in your back office. Complete instructions are provided for printing them through stores in your Mall, at your local printer, or on your own computer. We provide business cards but we believe the Invitation Cards may be more effective as they are larger and less likely to be tucked away and forgotten.

● Business Cards

Just like with the Invitation cards, you can customize these cards with your personal information and then print them yourself or take them elsewhere.

● Flyers

Yes, just print them out and use them, sharing them with as many people as possible. There is a large number you can choose from, with that number growing bigger as members create more and share them with everyone.

● Text Emails

If you just want to send out regular emails, we’ve got some options for you to use. Just customize them for yourself and send them to the people you want to share My Power Mall with!

The only way to make this Power Bite powerful for you is to actually USE all the tools we have given you.

Now sign-up and use them.

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