Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Working With Non Profit Organization(NPOs)

My Power Mall is a company...
You may be familiar with fundraising malls. But they are different…
One of their primary goals is to be different from every other Mall out there. While there are some great Malls, their commitment is to excellence in every area. Their goal is to raise $100 MILLION for organizations in the next 12 months. They can only achieve that by doing everything a "little bit better".
They have more stores than any other Mall – 1000+
Their goal is, if it can be bought, it can be bought on your Power Mall. They are committed to providing a vast variety of stores and products – with each merchant meeting a strict set of criteria to ensure shopping satisfaction.
There are hundreds of name brand stores, as well as hundreds of lesser known stores that pay higher commissions.
4-75% of the purchase price on each product or service bought goes to the organization. The huge difference is that My Power Mall offers the most generous cash back program of its kind on the internet to their organizations!
My Power Mall will also give a Fre*e Mall to any of your staff or supporters that want one – allowing them to shop on the Mall and generate income for your organization and them at the same time! This is NOT an MLM or Affiliate company.
Exciting weekly & daily Shopping Alerts promote purchasing. It's not enough to build a great Mall. It's equally important to give you a reason to visit your Mall. That's where their exciting newsletters, customized store specials e-mails and all their FRE*E gifts come in.
Once you have received your Mall and shared it with a few people, the My Power Mall system takes over – doing all the work to create money FOR you!
There is no selling, no qualifying for income, all marketing tools are Fre*e, and no one ever has to reveal their Credit Card Info.
My Power Mall’s mission is to change the way fundraising is done!
Our goal is that no one will buy anything or use a service without benefiting a cause they believe in!
We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your mission.
To receive your own FRE*E Power Mall, please visit:

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