Saturday, March 8, 2008

RSS Hugger Get Tons of Visitors FREE

RS S Hugger! Collin LaHay is the genius behind this awesome idea! I am actually glad to see what happens when I actually take part of this. RSS Hugger’s about page says the following on the benefits:

For the blog owners:
• Raise awareness of your blog
• Send tons of visitors to your blog
• Share traffic with the community
• Be part of a viral/buzz marketing campaign
• Build deep-links for your blog posts to help with search engine optimization
• Get new interested RSS subscribers who view your content on a regular basis.
For the visitors:
• Find blogs that interest you
• Easily subscribe to many blogs
• Skim over hundreds of blogs to find what suits you


-MaLanG!! 'Separating Emotions' said...

Hey there, Well I was here to add you to my technorati favs but could'nt find the add to fav button..

let me know when you have added it, so I can add you in exchange..


Rachel said...

Rss hugger has been great for me. I think everyone should try it out!

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