Friday, April 4, 2008

Contest of the Month/Get 160 Entrecard Credits

I believe in MYPOWERMALL so much that I have a contest, since it is FREE to join. We shop the malls and on the internet so why not make money from your own shopping. We have over 1,000 stores to shop from stores that you would shop on the net anyway, so why not get something EXTRA for your shopping and those that you refer and give malls to you get a commission most of us shop on the internet most months so why not go for it. We have all the tools you need to start and they are FREE. My contest is for everyone that join I will give 100 Entrecard credits and post a comment on the Contest and I will give you 10 EC. Post when you have joined place a article on your blog and I will give 50 EC. Contest begins 4-4-08 and ends 4-30-08 Please let me know when you have placed a article about this contest so I can get you your EC.


Mark said...

160 ec is not really worth all that much anymore.

beverly37853 said...

Thank You Mark, I was wondering why I was not receiving anything but that is alright there is tommorrow.

beverly37853 said...
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